About Us


What is Linnunrata?

Linnunrata is an edge data centre venture by VueNow. These are smaller facilities located in proximity to populations and business locations to deliver high-end cloud computing services and cached data to end-users.

The fourth Industrial revolution and third act of the internet have brought an amazing fusion of advances in artificial intelligence (AI), robotics, IoT, 3D printing, genetic engineering, and quantum computing. These profound changes have led to the growth in demand for edge data centers that serves both the purpose of reduced latency and better data security through data localization.

How does it help?

As this edge computing service processes and stores data as close to the end-users as possible its allows your business to reduce latency thus resulting in a competitive advantage with enhanced customer experience.


Why choose Linnunrata?

Edge data centres have the same components as a traditional data centre but are packed into a much smaller footprint. They are a part of a larger DC deployment helping your business with sustainable profits growth and development by providing-

24/7 assist facility

Since every business requires continuous functioning with minimal disruption, Linnunrata provides local data centres to address any kind of disruption promptly by providing a 24/7 assist facility.

Secure data storage premises

As Data security is one of the main concerns of organizations, edge data centres provide localized data storage with various security features such as key cards and biometrics to gain access to the servers and eliminate any kind of security issues.

Cost efficiency

Having your data stored locally not only eliminates security worries but also helps you get the most essential services at affordable costs helping you to save and thus spend more on other key areas of your business.

Higher scalability

With Linnunrata’s data centres, you need not worry about your business scalability issues. These data centres offer the option of increasing data racks space to meet your growing business requirements.

Better functionality

By providing anytime and anywhere access to IoT, cloud, and streaming services, Linnunrata offers high performance with reduced latency to provide customers with better connectivity and functionality. 


Linnunrata’s USP-

• Designed to meet current as well as future requirements.
• Carrier and OEM neutral
• Robust built, fast deployment and remote operations
• High availability and adaptability
• Comprehensive monitoring and management
• Low Latency


We are an Infrastructure As A Service (IAAS) provider in the public cloud domain. We offer co-location, managed services, high density computing, and disaster recovery services globally. We are ISO 27001:2013 (Information Security Management Systems) certified for providing cloud storage services and network marketing services.